Jack Herger   jack herger | proprietor
designer | writer | production guru | one-man-band

simply put, 3 is me, an erstwhile english major slash studio art minor who stumbled into the ad business thirty+ years ago while in search of the perfect beach.

in truth, i really wanted to be a pirate when i grew up, but having arrived, in jimmy buffett's words, "two hundred years too late," i found myself instead swashbuckling my way into the ad game – as suitable an alternative to adventure on the high seas as one could imagine, don't you agree? not that we ad guys pillage and/or plunder per se, but we do conspire to part our clients' clients from their bullion (taking comfort in the knowledge, of course, that we're also Pirateenhancing lifestyles and elevating popular culture in the process!).

it's a noble job, but somebody's gotta do it.